Our Partners

Terrajoule Corporation

Terrajoule Corporation, California’ s steam engines and their insulated pressure vessels are key components of converting the solar energy into 24-hour on demand electrical power.

Terrajoule Corporation, California, USA was founded in 2009 to extend the worldwide reach and penetration of renewable energy, by solving the fundamental problem of intermittent supply of solar and wind power.

The company has developed, and is now commercialising a breakthrough in energy storage technology that provides continuous, 24-hour on-demand solar power generation, from 100 kW to 20 MW, or more, while rapidly responding to changes in electrical load. Energy storage is based on pressurised saturated water, with 96% storage/retrieval efficiency.

Energy conversion is performed via proprietary reciprocating steam piston engines that are highly efficient across a wide range of operating power.


Tiger Group

Tiger Group is IGL’s licensee for manufacture of troughs.

Tiger Steel Engineering, LLC and Tiger Profiles and Insulation, LLC (collectively Tiger Group) are a substantive multinational steel fabricator / processor and contracts engineering group based in the United Arab Emirates.With 1 million / m2 of manufacturing facility, over 2500 employees, Tiger have successfully managed to position themselves as the preferred supplier of large projects (500MM +) in the Middle East Markets.


Zeman Bauelemente

Zeman Bauelemente are completing engineering and FEA work on the IGL Generation 2 trough. Zeman Bauelemente, designs and constructs roll forming machines for production of trapezoidal and standing seam panels. ZEMAN invented the LEGATO-system, which consists of a patented buckle-free curving method for self-supporting arches made of trapezoidal sheet.The automatic bending machines provide for buckle-free curving of trapezoidal and corrugated profiles up to a profile height of 160 mm. The competence in the constructional design and delivery of turnkey systems by ZEMAN is underpinned by 45 years’ experience in the structural-steel and mechanical engineering sectors.Zeman’s product range covers everything from the development and production of machines to general contractor services and complete production facilities, including optimised logistics and software solutions.


Norwich Technologies

Norwich Technologies and IGL have negotiated a R & D agreement to integrate Norwich proprietary receiver design with IGL’s trough.Norwich Technologies was founded in 2011 with the aim of commercialising low-cost, manufacturable receivers for the CSP market which have high-performance characteristics.The technology takes advantage of dramatic improvements in the state-of-the-art insulated materials integrated with a suite of advanced structural features and lower cost simpler coatings. The receiver eliminates the need for use of a vacuum in the receiver tube, thereby lowering manufacturing, installation and maintenance costs.


Hennecke GMBH

Hennecke GMBH is IGL’s development partner for the composite core filling of the Parabolic Trough.

Hennecke GMBH, In many applications, PU core sandwich panels provide an ideal alternative not only in economic terms but especially from an ecological point of view. Given their specific properties and performance. CONTIMAT production lines are used the world over for the continuous manufacture of polyurethane core insulation panels. However, for many applications, manufacturers are at a considerable advantage if they use discontinuous production that features several important USPs. For instance, when using facing material with specific properties or incorporating mechanical fixings into the panel. Discontinuous panel production, moreover, makes sense when smaller volumes or unusual dimensions are called for. Cold storages and cooling trailers are an important field of application, as is the construction sector, both private and commercial. Flexible PANELFOAMER systems concepts are used by experts all over the world.